Tried and Tested: Su-Man’s legendary ‘Face Lift In An Hour’ Facial

I review the Su-Man’s legendary Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial at London’s W Hotel.

Su-Man is a legendary facialist responsible for keeping the faces of the world’s most beautiful women – including Juliette Binoche – looking amazing. So, when I was asked to go and try her internationally acclaimed Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial I obviously jumped at the chance. A baby, a house move, and a year of sleep deprivation meant I needed one more than ever.

Su-Man has a treatment room on the sixth floor of the W Hotel in London where she makes women feel 10 years younger on the daily. Su-Man is a former dancer so is as petite and graceful as you’d imagine, not to mention completely ageless. The nosy journalist in me obviously had to ask her age (60 by the way) which, when you see how smooth and supple her skin is, is a selling tactic in itself.

She started the treatment with a bespoke analysis where I was asked about my skin concerns and what I was hoping to achieve from the facial. She then started with a deep cleanse before impurities were extracted (my favourite part of any facial) and the skin was exfoliated, toned and moisturised. All of this was done using Su-Man’s carefully designed massage techniques.

Once my skin was prepped, Su-Man used a skin scraping technique called Gua Sha that’s based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine healing art form: a method that aims to bring conditions and illnesses up to the skin’s surface so that they disappear. While it may sound a little scary, it really isn’t and Su-Man has adapted it to ensure it doesn’t cause any inflammation or redness.

Using various strokes, pressure and friction techniques, Su-Man explained that this technique balances the flow of Chi through meridians, enhancing circulation, nourishing tissues and removing waste substance.  I store a lot of tension in my face and jaw, so I loved how physical this facial was and the way it actively softened all the stress away. Not only does it feel great but is designed to reveal a calmer, balanced and glowing complexion. So far, so magical.

Su-Man ended the facial with a chocolate face mask that smelt delightful and felt gratifyingly thick and sumptuous on my face. While it dried, Su-Man massaged my shoulders and arms leaving me in a totally marshmallow-like state. The worst part of the entire 60 minutes was when she announced it was over.

My skin immediately felt soft and smooth and it looked visibly smoother and brighter. I did get a bit of sensitivity a couple of days after but if I go back, I’ll mention this to Su-Man and I’m sure she can tweak the treatment accordingly. The best results came after the sensitivity had gone. My face looked really, really smooth and my skin texture was visibly improved. I really noticed it when I looked in the mirror of the car (an unforgiving reflector) and was amazed at how flawless my face looked.

The results lasted for a couple of weeks and I really enjoyed how nicely my makeup went on. You know when everything just sits right and there are no dry patches or spotty bits to cover up? The ultimate sign of a good facial. This treatment is best for those looking to smooth lines and perk their complexion up as it does give a really fantastic lifting effect. Perhaps why Su-Man is best known for her ‘face lifts in an hour’.

I also asked Su-Man a little bit more about the facial post-treatment so I could fully take it all in. Here goes…

What are the main aims of your Skin Reborn facial? What is it designed to do?

“The main aim of my Skin Reborn Facial is to revitalise the skin from inside out. For example, you can have good quality skin, but the face can still look closed, tense and stagnated as there is a lack movement and fluidity in the muscles. That’s why, I work to open the energy channels of the face by working on the pressure points around the head and ears and releasing tension in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper chest. The end result is not only a face that looks wonderfully conditioned, healthy and radiant but is also open, expressive and happy”.

Could you explain the massage techniques you used across the head, scalp, ears and face and the little tool you used?

“My Su-Man Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial helps to purify, energise and nourish your skin. It’s Shiatsu inspired but as it works out the skin it’s also inspired by my former dance training. By activating the muscles and pressure points around the facial structure not only keep your skin supple and glowing but also makes you feel more alert and alive.

My facial has been described as a ‘facelift in an hour’ or the ‘natural alternative to Botox’ as it’s very unique, invigorating and works wonder in the skin.

It took me about ten years to develop. It’s not a beauty therapy and is more like a craft. The benefits of a face brought back to life brings both emotional and physical enhancement and lasts for days. The little tool is a hair crapper which I use to stimulate the circulation. Normally it isn’t about the tool, but the strokes and movements do you implement to activate the deeper layers of the skin”.

What products did you use to complement the facial?

“I used my own range, Su-Man skincare. Each inventively crafted product marries the best of Eastern and Western skincare philosophies, providing ideal balance of prevention and correction for the ultimate skin health and radiance. The full range combines a selection of lightweight dewy emulsions to revitalise the skin from inside out”.

How long should I expect the results to last for? 

“The results normally last for two weeks but you can make them last for longer if you use my range as well. The good thing is that you can see results immediately”.

For bookings and queries about Su-Man’s Skin Reborn Facial contact

My facial was complimentary but it usually costs £220 for 60 minutes.

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