My Top Three La Roche Posay Products

The weather is set to soar again by the end of the week which means BBQs, picnics and trips to the park. If you have small children, however, it means a few extra essentials – suncream being one of the most important. Now, I know that it can feel like you’re taking everything but the kitchen sink out with you at times, so I try to carry products that work for both my son and I, to avoid doubling up and adding even extra weight to my already bulging baby bag.

In this scenario, I find that La Roche-Posay comes into its own as its formulations are really gentle but effective too. Here’s three of my favourite products that will keep you and your brood safe in the sun this summer. Don’t have any children? Don’t worry – they’re excellent for everyone.

La Roche-Posay, Anthelios XL Ultra Light Invisible Mist 50+ SPF

If you want a very high broad-spectrum sun cream that is gentle to sensitive skin, I don’t think you can beat La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios range. The ultra-light formulations are some of the best on the market and feel almost invisible on the skin – there’s none of that horrible greasy feeling or ghost-like whiteness that many other suncreams have. This invisible mist is, in my opinion, the best yet. It goes on beautifully which makes my life – with a wriggly 11-month old baby – a whole lot easier. In fact he really enjoys having it applied and laughs and giggles as I spray him. This bottle was a gift but I’ll be buying it in bulk for the rest of the summer.

La Roche-Posay, Thermal Spring Water

Prickly heat, nappy rash, sunburn, dehydrated skin – you name it, a thermal spring water can help. I carry a bottle of this with me at all times when the weather is hot and it came into its own on Sunday when the temperature was 32 degrees in London. My baby was hot and bothered and started to get a heat rash. We immediately took off his clothes, gave him lots of water and spritzed him with this and he immediately started to cool down and feel more comfortable. While brilliant for babies and children, the mini versions are also perfect if you’re pregnant or menopausal and find travelling on public transport particularly uncomfortable at the moment.

La Roche-Posay, Invisible Ultra Resistant Anthelios 50+ Fluid

While the spray form of this is great for the body and reapplying when you’re on the go, I prefer to use the Anthelios fluid on my face. This is because it sits really beautifully beneath makeup and I can make sure I apply the recommended teaspoon-sized amount, without worrying about greasiness. (A side effect of sunscreen that I know puts many people off applying it to the face on a day-to-day basis). If you’re one of these people, I can’t recommend this enough. Not only does it sink into the skin brilliantly, but it also doesn’t irritate sensitive, eczema-prone skin types. I’m very sensitive and this is one of the very few sunscreens I can use on my face. It’s also great for babies and children too and comes in a handy handbag size that you can take everywhere. The Anthelios range also provides broad-spectrum protection which means it shields skin from UVA and UVB rays and helps to prevent damage caused by Infrared-A and pollution. Basically, you can be confident you’re covered from all the nasties. Just don’t forget to reapply frequently.

NB: This is not an ad or a sponsored post. I genuinely do just love La Roche-Posay. The sunscreens mentioned were gifted but I have used the fluid for a couple of years now. This is just the latest formulation.

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