Is Armani Beauty’s Power Fabric the Best High-Coverage Foundation?

I’m not one of those girls that can go without makeup. My skin looks best with a bit of foundation and a touch of blusher, and I find that when I have a bare face, all I do is touch it – which is terrible news for the skin. I’m also not massively into tinted moisturisers; for me their only real purpose if for popping to the gym, or wearing on holiday. Other than that, they last precisely five minutes on my face before I look like I just got out of the shower.

I like foundations that you can’t really see sitting on the skin, but keep my face looking bright and dewy for most of the day as well as covering up marks and imperfections. So, when I read some fantastic reviews from beauty stalwarts Caroline Hirons and Sali Hughes, I felt obliged to try Armani’s new Power Fabric foundation. It’s a full-coverage product with SPF 25, and the first thing I noticed about it was how easily it went on and how uncakey it felt on the skin. When you think high coverage, you think of those girls in Mac (no offense girls) who you see makeup first and human second, and sludgy textures that leave the skin feeling suffocated. But, the Power Fabric covers the skin with ease in just one layer without making your face look all one tone, or overly made up. You can also build it up if you want more coverage and staying power, and still the skin feels light.

I was a little bit scared when the sales assistant at Armani told me that it had a matte effect (as I like my skin to look a bit glowy and dewy). But I was pleased to see that it doesn’t flatten the skin, but leaves it looking super healthy. If you need any more convincing, I popped a small amount on my face last Sunday morning with a touch of blusher and mascara, and went to visit my husband’s Italian nonna. She immediately remarked on how beautiful my skin and makeup looked – and I was genuinely surprised as I hadn’t looked in the mirror for a couple of hours. I usually expect my makeup to have slid off a bit, and I really hadn’t put much on, but she was right. My skin did look great, and healthy too. In short, Power Fabric is pretty incredible. It costs £40 and can be bought from Selfridges, John Lewis and alike, as well as the Armani Beauty website.

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