How Do You Keep Skin Healthy and Hydrated?

Hello dear readers! I hope you’ve all had great weeks, despite the very odd, slightly drizzly weather here in the UK. Let’s hope the sun comes out again next week so we can make the most of the last few weeks of summer.

As I type this, i’m holed up in the parents’ room of my son’s nursery where he has been settling in (crying a lot) this week. It’s not been the most fun but mamma needs to have a couple of days to get on with work, so I’m hoping he starts to find it easier soon. Thank you to all the lovely mums offering words of kindness of support and love on my personal account – it really does help to know i’m not the only one going through it.

In more beauty-related news, this week’s Inside My Beauty Bag comes from Amy Sessions, Head of Content and Strategy at The List – a luxury ecommerce website in the Middle East. Amy has flawless skin and was one of the chicest women at Net-a-Porter when we both worked there together many years ago. Now at the top of her game career wise and leading a very fabulous life in Dubai, it was great to hear all about her regime and how she works from the inside out, considering all areas of her health in regard to her skin. Grab a cuppa or a glass of wine (it is Friday after all) and enjoy. Ciao for now.

“For me skincare starts with what you put inside. I’m a firm believer you can’t get good things out if you don’t put good things in, so I avoid things which aggravate my skin such as sugar and dairy and processed foods.  Other than that, I’m fairly low maintenance when it comes to beauty – my focus is always to optimise what you have and look after your skin so you can keep make-up to a minimum”.

“I start each day with an exfoliator in the shower, this has for years been Johnson & Johnson Clean & Clear exfoliating daily wash, but I have recently also discovered Aesop’s Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste which has fine quartz and rosemary leaf in to remove impurities and refresh the skin. I use this only once or twice per week as the gains are slightly larger and so a little more abrasive on skin”.

“My daily moisturiser is always Olay’s Double Action day Cream & Primer, which I’ve used for years and am never without. In recent years when my skin feels like it needs a moisture injection, I add a few drops of Aesop’s Fabulous Face Oil to turbo-charge my moisturiser without the shine of oil for day.  As I’m currently based in the Middle East, after a day in the sun I add only this oil to my face for an hour before showering – it seems to help battle any dehydration my skin might have after 45-degree heat”.

“My daily make up is very simple. I use MAC’s Tinted Cream from their amazing Lightful range which gives a radiance boost and the illusion of sleep even if you haven’t had any. I buy shades Medium and Medium Plus in bulk when I find them as they sell out quickly and depending on the time of year, both suit my skin”.

“For cheeks it’s Nars Orgasm, although I recently tested and have just purchased Charlotte Tilbury’s Glowgasm – the texture and sheen look beautifully natural. I keep lips pared back and usually use Nivea’s original lip balm. If I need more polish, I finish with a Tom Ford or Chanel matte lipstick. (Ford’s ‘Katherine’ shade is a great nude). I rarely wear lipstick though and prefer to focus on eyes and brows. My Mascara is the famed Lancôme Hypnose in Doll Eyes- it’s perfect for long lashes that still look light”.

“The most recent addition to my make-up routine had been a great eyebrow pencil. Over the years I’ve worn less and less eye make-up and prefer to get the basics that frame your face. Having said this, I probably spend less than 5 mins on my make-up daily and always use my hands as I prefer the warmth of skin to help any make-up settle in”.

“For after hours, I add a little shadow from Mac’s smoky shadow palette x 9. I only ever use the dark brown mixed with gold and always with my fingers as I think the heat helps to soften the look. I always finish with scent. I prefer masculine scents with warm notes of Amber, Wood, leather and tobacco, so at the moment it’s Tom Ford Extreme Noir”.

“For evening skincare, I take time to look at my skin and see what it needs. If my skin feels congested from pollution, I use Aesop’ s Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque which has anti-oxidants for deep cleansing. I first discovered this brand working at Net-A-Porter in London when everyone had their Resurrection Hand Balm on their desk. This remains in my handbag, on my desk and next to my bed at all times – it’s the only one I’ve found which does the job, isn’t greasy and smells great”.

“One of my other favourite skincare brands is Shiffa, founded by a good friend and inspiration of mine. She was kind enough to give me some products to try a year or so ago and I haven’t looked back, they are game changers. I now use the Aromatic Facial cleanser evening and if my skin needs rescuing or is having an outbreak, I cover it in the Healing Balm which is no less short of a miracle”.

“To keep fine lines and ageing at bay I use this, combined with Bio Oil when I feel I need to a few times a week before bed. I’m also a disciple of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night repair, a mentor of mine Beauty Director Newby hands swears by this and I’ve also seen great results so that is a staple in my bathroom. I always wear scent in bed to sleep – for me it’s part of a nightly ritual that helps me feel at peace and this vital for good skin. I struggle with sleeping deeply as I work in a fast-paced environment but the less I do digitally I do before I sleep the better.  I never sleep without a scented candle and carry one with me when I travel. Diptique Ambre is a favourite”.

“Grooming wise, I always make sure I have a great manicure and pedicure, Essie does great nude shades such as Sugar Daddy, Spin the Bottle and Mademoiselle. I like to look as natural as possible, but with polish”.

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