Alice Snape Reveals her Favourite Beauty Essentials

This week’s Inside My Beauty Bag comes from Alice Snape, the brilliant editor of Oh Comely magazine, Things and Ink magazine and author of Tatoo Street Style. I first met Alice when she commissioned one of my ideas and we quickly became friends soon after. It’s not often you meet an editor so generous with both their time and kindness, believe me.

What’s most striking about Alice is her totally unique style – from her super short bob, to her signature bright lipstick and incredible tatoos – so I was really keen to find out more about the beauty products she loves and how she uses them. I loved reading her thoughts on all things skincare, makeup and wellness so I hope you do too.

“I don’t have a beauty routine and my make-up bag is as chaotic as my life. I lose lids, I spill eyeshadows and I have about four different mascaras on the go at any one time. Plus my make-up bag is filthy!”

“My days are never the same and I often only find out about a job or a commission the day before it’s due. I am freelance, so sometimes I work at home, sometimes I am in an office or off for a day of meetings. On days when I am at home, I don’t wear any make-up at all. I simply shove my hair up in a bull dog clip and wear as close to PJs as possible (without actually wearing my PJs): think jogging bottoms and a tee. Yep, total glamour. Although, I always shower, wash my face and cover my entire body in moisturiser – that is a must”.

“When I actually venture out into public, I love doing my make-up. I sit at my desk (one day I want an actual dressing table #dreamy), and really enjoy making myself up, either listening to a podcast or a playlist on Spotify (FYI curret fave is Covered in Punk, think songs like Frozen’s Let it Go but with a pink twist!). I find it fascinating how mascara, a sweep of blusher and a bit of lippie can bring your features to life”.

“I have blonde eyelashes and although I used to really hate that about my face, I am learning to love it. But when I go out, I like to enhance my eyes with mascara (currently using Urban Decay’s Troublemaker). And I adore lipstick. I have no loyalty to a colour or brand. I like red, pink, dark colours… I have a box full of different shades and so many brands: Mac, Lush, Ainsel, Urban Decay, Kat Von D… Popping on some lippie and a pair of hoop earrings just elevates any outfit and makes me feel more “done”. I guess hoops and lippie have become my signature look”.

“Some items also remind me of my mum. I love how some of her habits have filtered into my own without me really stopping to take notice. Mum wears red lipstick every day, the tip bends into a weird peak and I apply mine in exactly the same way. She also uses hairspray to give her hair volume – which I now do too. Although I use Elnett and my mum hates the smell of it. I love it, why is it so distinctive? Like Marmite, it’s love or hate”.

“I have to give a shout out to my menstrual cup too. I currently use the Intimina cup which folds up so small it can fit into my purse. I started using a cup around ten years ago, as my body used to reject tampons. I love that they are becoming more popular as people see the environmental benefit too (you only need to buy one every two years)”.

“My shelf is lined with a number of different scents and perfumes. I like something light and refreshing for daytime, for evenings it has to be headier and bold. I have enjoyed discovering sustainable perfumers, such as Sana Jardin (Celestial Patchouli is divine) and Experimental Perfume Club (you can mix your own using three different layers). I spritz under my chin, on my wrists, in my cleavage and on my ankles – my grandma always told me to do that, she said the scent rises up”.

“When it comes to relaxation, nothing beats reading a book in the bath surrounded by candles. I put on a facemask, like Yes To’s Mud Mask and when I get out I smother myself in Lush Sleep body lotion, the mix of oatmeal, lavender flower and sweet tonka smells unbelievable. I also always have handcream on my bedside table, which I use before I go to sleep (Nursem give a month’s worth of free handcream to a nurse or midwife for every product you buy!). I love my sleep and ideally I need my eight hours every night…as who know’s what the next day will bring.”

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